Anong name ng baby girl mo?

Anong name ng baby girl mo? May meaning ba ito? Ikuwento kung bakit mo ito napili ?‍?

Anong name ng baby girl mo?
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My First born- "JULIANNE MEGAN" named from the 1st two men in my life, Julianne- from my father's name Julian, while Megan- from her Daddy's name Egan. My Second born- "JOHANNE ELISE" - Still from her Dad's second name which is Jonah (Egan Jonah) (we've just interchanged d letter Jonah to Johan for it to be more feminine we've made it JOHANNE, while her second name ELISE- from my father in law's name Elito. My Third born - "JIANNE ELIYAH" her name came from her two ates',Jianne from her Ate Julianne while Eliyah came from her 2nd Ate Elise, Eliyah (is also from her tita's name Eliza and from her great great grandmother's name Eustolia) My TresMarias' have the same syllable name in their first names which is "ANNE" - meaning "Favoured"/ "Grace" - God has favoured us with 3 beautiful girls. ❤❤❤

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