Anong name ng baby girl mo?

Anong name ng baby girl mo? May meaning ba ito? Ikuwento kung bakit mo ito napili ?‍?

Anong name ng baby girl mo?
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VANNA OLIVIA VANNA- They say when your first born is a Girl, it will look like her Dad. Her Papa's name is Von that is why it's Vanna. OLIVIA- Named after my Late Lolo who raised me. His death was sudden, though he's old na 85 y.o, still, biglaan na nagkaubo sya then after 4 days namatay sa hosp. He died a month before my wedding. And its so bad. he was my first heartbreak. Since di na sya naabutan ng anak ko, i name her after him. To always remind me that I had once a great loving GrandFather. PETER VON For my baby boy in m6 womb. PETER-He's the First ever boy apo of my Father In Law whose name was Petronilo, and so, I thought of Peter and it's a biblical name which is being named rarely nowadays. VON- obviously, because of my husband. Hehe ps. I have also thought of a name PETE TREVON but eventually i find it difficult to pronounce. hehhe

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