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always have this guilt feeling for my second child ever since i found out that im pregnant again. she was just 10mos old, how could i ever take care of her and focus on her when my third child born? these are the moments i want to cry on frustration. my first and second child have 5yrs gap that is why i knew to myself i gave all my affection to my panganay, no questions with that. but how about my girl? i really want to cuddle her until toddler but i dont think that will happen. having three children while working? hope this wont lead to depression in the future.

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Ganyan din ako un maliliit ko ages 4.5, 2.5, and 9 mos.minsan nasisigawan ko un 2 pag symasabay sa tantrums ng bunso ko.tapos un masyado tlga ako npapagod sa pagaasikaso ko sa in stress tapos npagbubuntunan ko sila. Minsan mkakatulog nlng un 4th ko na umiiyak.until I realize d ko na sila naasikaso ng tama..gusto nila maglambing pero nkafocus ako sa baby...

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things happen for some reason mommies! wag kayo madepress, all you have to do is make them understand na madami kayong ginagawa pero hindi dapat magsuffer ang time niyo sa mga anak niyo. always make them feel loved. kasi habang naiistress kayo kakaisip dahil nagiguilty kayo, nadadamay lang mga anak niyo which makes the situation worse. you might make them think and feel unloved pag pinagbubuntunan niyo sila. I know you can handle them. you are a good mom and I’m proud of you.🥰