Pregnancy milk

Is it alright for not drinking pregnancy milk?

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Yes! I didnt drink any as I just can't stand the taste of milk even choc flavoured. And my gynae also discouraged me frm drinking as it has high sugar content thus, may increase ur risk for GD. Throughout my pregnancy, I didn't drink even fresh milk, only soy milk occasionally. Baby was still healthy and thriving, came out 3.6kg. Just keep taking prenatal vitamins, calcium and fish oil, tgt with a balanced diet.

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Can't stand formula milk somehow. Never like milk pre preggy. After tri2 started I forced myself to start taking low fat fresh milk n never looked back since. Anything I will try for e lil one. 😅

I didnt drink either. I only took fresh milk even though my gynae had mentioned not to thruout the pregnancy. I have GD so sometimes i alr dunno what shld i eat for breakfast 😅😅

Yes it is alright not to drink pregnancy milk cause i dont drink at all i just kept drinking soya bean milk cause i just love to drink soya bean 😅

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Yes it's totally OK, just take multivitamins and fish oil prescribed by your doctor

Yes it’s fine actually. Unless doctor says u need


yes its fine

Super Mum

yes 💕