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Hi, my gynae introduced pregnancy milk and wondering if this is necessary? Or just drinking normal milk is good enough?

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My gynae did not really encourage me to drink maternal milk as it can cause unwanted weight gain. Personally I hate milk myself😅 He advocates healthy diet instead and gave me multi-vit containing folic acid such as Obimin, calcium tab and fish oil. I still try to drink soy milk sometimes. Now in my 36th weeks and have gained less than 8kg throughout. So far baby been growing healthily and is well above average in terms of measurements. But if u still wld like to drink, maternal milk wld be better. Can get free samples to try out!

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1y ago

ya same here! my gynae just asked me to try if i’m interested i could purchase but haven’t been trying since i don’t really drink milk too hahah. thanks for the input though, appreciate it! :)

If gynae introduce you, means u are lack of some nutrients which maybe needed...


I couldn't stand the maternal milk smell I had pasteurised fresh milk.

1y ago

read on other articles as well that it contains high sugar haha thank you anyway :) shall probably stick to normal fresh milk

Materna milk is better than normal milk.