every school is a good school?

Do you agree with the statement that every school in Singapore is a good school?

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No. The value of a school is determined by its core values, disciplinary structure, programmes offered, and most importantly, its staff (management and academic). While structures can be set rather easily, the hardest factor to ensure, is the quality of teachers, as well as the strength of its management team (Principal, BP, admin etc). While most staff start out with good intentions to provide a conducive learning environment for all students, these intentions tend to be worn down in an environment where management is either not supportive, or students consistently test their nerves. It takes a set of really dedicated teachers and staff to rise above these. Solid teachers value add to their students' learning, enabling them to be inspired and do well academically and otherwise. Thus they contribute significantly to how 'good' the school can be. Historically good schools tend to attract students with better ability and attitudes, and this allows teachers there to teach more effectively with less distractions to handle, which leads to majority of students performing well in their exams.... And the cycle goes on. Once a school starts to gain a notorious reputation, it leads to a vicious cycle of attracting underperforming students as well as demoralising the work of its teachers and staff. The cycle perpetuates, and only in rare cases do u see a school break out of them.

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I have no experience on choosing school yet. In general, every person has their own style and attiute. Every person is unique. School also the same for me. I won't comment if every school is a good school but definetly they can learn from the teachers. Students play important roles as well. As a parent, we need to teach children on how to choose a good learning partner or friends. On top of that, we will need encorage our children to explore and learn by themselve. Once they willing to learn, teachers will definitely very happy to teach and guide!

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I don’t think there’s any good or bad school. But for me what I define as a good school is that my child has fun at school, enjoys learning, is able to form healthy relationships with her peers and Teachers. And most importantly, the teachers themselves. Are they supportive towards children’s overall learning?

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No I do not agree. This sounds like a utopian statement. I think more than school itself (Teachers, amenities or curriculum) the access of funding and alumni network and type of classmates in a school is even more important.

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I think one shouldn't judge too much on primary school like which school is good n which is not. No employer will ask you which primary school you attended or at least I haven't encountered that (:

No I don’t despite ministers saying that there are schools that don’t fare well compared to others. It’s simple, the higher you score the better the school.


Of course not. Not all schools in Singapore are good schools. You need to do your own research and check on the merits of each potential school you are looking at

Yes to a certain degree, as I believe neighbourhood schools do have really good Teachers as sometimes even “elite” schools may not have the best teachers

I opinion is that it is the teacher that matters. In the same school there are teachers who I prefer my Kid to have.

Pretty much... though the environment in the TOP schools is really very different from a neighbourhood school.