At age 41, is it high risk? Should my wife abort it?

At age 41, is it high risk? Should my wife abort it?

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While age is a factor, I think its more responsible to at least talk to the gynae, go through necessary scans and tests before deciding to forsake this little gift of life. My bestie at 40yrs old, miscarriaged twice then tried 4 times IVF -(failed) but still planning to try. So when you have such blessing, don't just throw it away without fighting for it.

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my mum @ 44 years old gave birth to my youngest brother (yes, me and brother 22 years gap) all smooth. the dr advised my mum for csect. no worries, dr will advise whats best for your wife. till today my brother brings joy to our family, making our family close again!

this is our 3rd child, 1st is premature by 4weeks and is perfect health (doctor mention maybe mis calculate ), 2nd is premature by 12 weeks and need to stay in kkh SCU for 11 weeks. so there is a very much worry for the 3rd child....

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Heed your gynae's advice. They know way better than us here even with all the advices we gave. Hoping mum & baby will be healthy & fine.

Slightly higher risk, but why would you choose to abort just because of that? That's like giving up before even giving it a try. But it's your wife's choice whether she really wants to have a child or not.

Don't think of abortion if the pregnancy is a healthy one. Do tell your wife to bed rest. Discuss with your gynae what things or foods that your wife should avoid.


I think it's depending on individual health I have friend who gave birth at 45 yo. you should seek for professional for advice before making any decisions

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Depends. A friend of mine gave birth at 45 years old and everything went smoothly. You can discuss with a doctor cause doctor knows better.

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consulted the doctor , he say survive rate 50% due to her age and history. it may drop within the 1st term.

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Sorry to hear that, it must be tough on you both. Thought about seeking 2nd opinion? Well, it really depends in you and your wife's decision... Outsiders comment based on how each of us will react, will do but ultimately, we are not you. We can only provide 2 cts worth.

Talk to the gynae.... they know better... y would you want to abort it when the life is already form

would be good to see the recommendation of the gynae..and get a good gynae