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#advicepls #firstbaby My wife previously did OSCAR at TMC which came back high risk for T21, and we decided to do the NIPT as advised by the gynae and we just got a call from TMC after 2wks that NIPT results are high risk for T21 as well... Wife and myself are at a lost now... What should we do...? Wife is 30YO, and her previous OSCAR results showed a healthy baby growth and no abnormalities based on the reports but yet results showed high risk(1 in 21) of DS... Should we get a 2nd opinion?

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Super Mum

Hi, it must be very distressing to receive the results as such. I think it’d be good to formulate a list of questions that you have to ask your gynae, because there must be a lot going through your minds, and you may want to get some clarity. Seeking a 2nd opinion.. they might offer another repeat blood test, or amniocentesis to confirm the status (0.5% risk of miscarriage). You may want to consider reading up about DS, and talking to parents who have kids with DS. That may also guide and prepare you in deciding how to move forward in your decisions, although at the end of the day, you and your wife will be making the important decisions. She should be at the start of the 2nd trimester now? There is time. To ask questions, to read up on the condition and to decide on whether to do further tests. The foetal anomaly scan will also be done between 20 and 23 weeks usually. That may give an idea of whether there are any physical conditions to look out for (if any, at all. 1 in 21 means

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thanks so much!