After giving birth to my first child. I had eating disorder for about 2 months... everyone’s been telling me, “you’re still skinny after having a baby” I don’t know if I shall feel proud about it because deep down I’m not happy with my body. I’ve always wanted to have thick body... before I was pregnant... my weight was 50kg sharp. during pregnancy i gained 10kg = 60kg I’m so happy at that point because my husband told me that I look more attractive with more meats on me. But it didn’t last long and now my weight is back to 50kg. I tried eating but still no sign of gaining... HOW? is there any tips on gaining weight? Please help me.

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How I wish I could get back to 50 kg since I gave birth my weight stays at 56, I gained 12 kg but didn't go back to normal, ur lucky, I think u should keep eat n eat to gain weight