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After 3months delivery, my milk flow is nearly gone. Is there a way to make it come back? I really wish to continue breastfeed. I think im depress as i cant take the fact i cant breastfeed my baby😔😔😔

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My supply recently dip as well. Power pumping helps. Also please pump as often as you can. At 3 months, advisable to do at least 8 times. The more milk removed, the more it will replenish. But be patient. It will take at least 1 week for your body to produce more milk. Eat, drink and rest well. And don’t stress so much. The more you stress the lesser milk will be produced. You can also consider taking lactation cookies, or even meet up with a lactation consultant. You can do it Mummy!

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Skin to skin helps and eat more milk booster food. Our body is amazing you can join FB breastfeeding group ask for helps too. To me what works the best is skin to skin. Latch and discipline in pumping and avoid milk killer food

latch on demand, fenugreek pill 100% vegetarian frm GNC (depends on the body) and the legendairy supplements. it helps for me. i also bought lactation cookies from gulasg, i even drank the dried longan/dates from Goldkili

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my milk nearly dried up when my baby was 2 months old cause i depended on fm and latch him only when he is going to sleep. i then decided to try and regulate my milk supply by latching on demand and also power pumping.

Drink lots of water, milo, kurma milk. Eat more oats, salmon, avocado. And most importantly, Latch as much as possible and do power pumping consistently. Dont give up mama! You got this 😊

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Sis can try eating supplements. I consume Jus Seri Lady and it boost up my milk supply. Other than that drink lots of water, milo, oats! I can help you on this if you want!

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Power pumping. Also drink more soya bean, horlicks and moringa flower tea and eat fenugreek


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