To Continue Breastfeed Milk Or Not

I donoe if i shud stop expressing milk. (Baby cant latch). I see my milk mostly foremilk as i dont eat much food. Baby always hungry and im too tired to keep expressing. My boobs constantly have to be pump. I did supplement with FM.

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You can pump if your baby can't latch. Take your prenatal or multivit calcium supplement and drink lot fluid. It's fine if your bm quantity is low and can't bf exclusively. Feed whatever you can pump out and top up with FM. Milk supply will kick in once you're less stress.

2y ago

Thanks😊. Im Not stress just not sure if my bm is good for my baby as i didnt eat much or eat any nutrients food. Only drink water.

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You cant really tell whether it's foremilk or hindmilk, and your diet will not actually affect the nutrition value of your breast milk. You can drink more liquid to boost supply. And breast milk is always good because it contains antibodies to protect your baby.

2y ago

Thanks😊. Hopefully my bm does good to My baby like gain weight, fullness. I dont eat much, only drink water. Also, when i store bm in fridge, i can see mostly foremilk and less of the hindmilk😢