Prefer To Sleep Than Eat

My 8 weeks old baby is taking less milk per feed. From 10 feeds per day to 7 feeds. Is this something to worry? She can sleep through the night as well thus missing feeds. What to do to increase their appetite?

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Wow lucky you!! Hehe! Sleeping through the night from such a young age! Don't worry too much! Babies naturally will wake up and cry if they are hungry! You should enjoy the rest!

sleeping over the night can be happened. do no not worry. as long as baby's weight growth is fine. but feed to baby well when he is awake.

2y ago

By weight she shuld be drinking 800ml, but per day only 600 max. Is this OK? Each feed is 100 but max she can go is 80ml

is she gaining weight n have good diaper output? or is her weight dropping? if she is gaining then it’s fine

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7 feeds a day is fine:) just give a little more per feed. Sleep is super important for baby too!

2y ago

How much is baby drinking in total? And what’s baby’s weight?

Its fine as long as baby is im the correct weight

Yes it’s fine

Seems normal.