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Hi, my baby is 9 weeks old and weighs around 5.2kg. I have been feeding him 110 to 120ml formula milk 8 times a day. Most days, he takes very short naps (less than 30 min) in the daytime but can sleep at night with 2 feeds. Sometimes, i feel that he can drink more after 120ml. Should a 9 week old baby be sleeping in the daytime after he is full from drinking milk? I am wondering if my baby is not full thus cannot nap well in the day. If i increase the milk intake, will he drink more in the day and sleep through the night?

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My baby just turn 2 months. She is the same situation as yours. She is currently drinking 100ml, about 8-9 feed per day. I wanted to increase her intake but she always split milk or sometime even vomit. Hence, has been sticking to same amount. Think you can increase the milk intake and observed for a few day, see how baby reacts.

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