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My 5mth baby is STTN most of the time, and takes about 7 feeds a day (compared to 8 when baby was younger). Baby is on mixed feeds (if bottle feed, 150ml), with mostly good diaper output. 1. Is 7 feeds a day too little? Should I wake baby up for a feed? 2. Is 150ml ok for a 5mth old? Is there a guide on when to increase amount and how much to increase, upon assessing baby's readiness?

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wow it's a good thing to sttn. don't wake baby up mummy not to worried eventually when baby is hungry they will wake up. different baby intake of milk differently theres not guide line. my baby start drinking 180ml from 3rd month till 12 month 3 hourly when she was introduced to 2 meal a day she takes only 100ml every 3 hourly. her timing is fixed I can't drag no matter how hard I try and she still wakes up every 2 to 3 hour for feed at 17 months. you can try to increase intake by every 20 to 30ml but you must increase the timing too.

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2y ago

thanks for the advice! will look for the guide too!