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My son is 7m. We have started to give him solid when he turned 6m. He is interested in eating but when he has tasted food, he doesn’t seem to want to continue to eat. I’ve tried giving him carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, potatoes etc but he doesn’t like any of it. When I offer him Cerelac Nestum, he seems to be more interested in that. Which I’m not a fan of always giving him Cerelac cos I was him to eat “real” food. Is this normal for babies who just started eating solid? How can I make my son love eating?

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My daughter just eat Cerelac, Gerber, Friso Cereal. She doesn't like Heinz, etc because she will puke it. We will of course try again when she's 7 months so she will explorw more

maybe u can try to mix some FM with carrots, sweet potatoes and all those foods you mentioned. i did that and my LO seems ok with it hahah she is 6 months old now