Baby making alot of noises and cannot fall back to sleep at the same time of the night

My 6 weeks old baby is fully breastfed. She has no issue drinking and falling back asleep from her night routine. But every dingle day after her last feed at 5am, despite being tired, she will just keep making alot of sounds even though i have burp her, change her diaper, rub her tummy to clear the air, checking the temperature of room, swaddle her, She can just make the sounds all the way till sun rise. I cannot even go back to sleep 😭 any advice ! Thanks !

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Hi mummy, experiencing the same thing with my 6.5 week son. We’ve just tried starting him on a bedtime/night time routine and observed the following over the last 3 days - He typically has a feed before he sleeps around 8 plus and wakes up again at 12 for another feed. After this feed, it seems like he will start stirring and making grunting noises around 1 plus am every couple of mins interval and this can last till his next feed. The only way to solve it was to put him on my chest, he falls asleep and farts quite a fair bit. I wait for about 10-15 mins after the last fart and try to put him back to his crib. My baby has a gassy stomach though.. so if yours is similar perhaps can try laying her on your chest? Be sure not to fall asleep though!

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Hi momma, making noise like crying or just babbling? As long as she is not in pain just let her be. Both my boys did that too when they were infants. I use to think, they were communicating with the angels 😄.