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Hi my 1 week old baby is always sleepy. I actually had difficulties waking her up every 3 hours for milk. Even when I remove her swaddle, changed her diaper; she’ll just go back to sleep immediately. Even if i managed to let her latch, she’ll fall asleep within 2 minutes. But she pee and/or poop every feed (3hours). My concern is she isnt getting enough milk as I can feel my breast getting softer as day goes by (probably due to the lack of “demand” from my baby).

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Baby that age has a very small stomach and tend to feel full very fast. And if your baby has jaundice, she will tend to feel very sleepy. As long as she has about 6-8 diaper change daily, that's already great! And you're lucky you can sleep longer. Take this opportunity to rest also. When she's not latching, try to pump so you can build a stash too and your breasts knows that you need to keep supplying milk.

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Once she’s clear of jaundice, just follow her cues for milk. It may not be 3hrly anymore . She wake up for milk when she’s hungry. If you wanna maintain milk supply, maybe can go pump