Need help baby sleeping thru night

My baby is starting to sleep thru the whole night since she was in 2nd month Now 3months She is still sleeping thruout the night from 10pm to the next day about 11am or 12pm for feeds Is this normal? I went to kk and they mention as long as per day her feed is ok and her weight is gaining it will be fine But I am still worried . Baby will wake up in the middle of the night kicking blankets but fall asleep back again Should I just try to feed her even thou she is sleeping ? I tried but she will be wide awake after feeding an I will take 1 hour to put her back to sleep again Any mummies facing this kinda issue ?

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Just dream feed, don't need to wake her up, If she doesn't wanna drink then don't force? As long as she is gaining well no issue. My lo sttn since 1 week old, 7-8hr kind, shut mouth tightly or scream murder till we put her back down. After that we only dream feed her n it's not always that she will drink, by 3months she slept 13-14hrs at night, occasional dream feed

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My 2months plus old baby is not gonna let me have such nights. The maximum hours he would go is only 5hours and the last feed before 5hours was doubled than his average intake per feed. May I ask how much is your baby drinking? Drinking breastmilk or formula and what is the weight? How is your baby poop and pee? What colour and or how many wet diapers in 24hrs?

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my baby at 3month plus, now 4 months sleeps from around 10pm till next day 6am, during the night she will ask for a feed (not crying but moving her head and hands) but will sleep once she gets her feed. but i think its good to get a 2nd opinion just in case.

my gal has started to sleep through the night when 3 months onwards to 5 month from around 8am to 6 plus in the morning. not waking up for feeds but still OK as long as her weight is gaining and pee poo ok then is fine.

Wow that’s great! can you share your secrets? My boy is coming 11 weeks old and max he can stretch at night is 4 hours. Most of the time he wakes up every 3 hours to feed. On fully breastmilk!

I suggest when you wake in the morning, get some me time and when you're done, wake baby up for some playtime and cuddles before feeding (9,10am etc)! both will be happy!

3 months seems too young to be sleeping thru the night and missing out so many feeds. I’ll suggest you to have a 2nd opinion.

2 or 3 months sleeping through the night .... everyone that i know the baby feeds every 3 hrs? please go for 2nd opinion

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Hey mama, May I ask how is your LO being fed?