My 3 month old LO has been having diarrhoea for 9 days already. It started last Thursday (16Jan), we brought her to the PD and got Hirasec & Probiotics.PD diagnosed as virus infection. He also said she's if still not well, go back on Monday. PD mentioned to only feed her BM as they're lots of antibodies etc. Monday (20Jan) came & her condition still didn't improve. Went back to the PD & got the same meds. Today (24Jan) is the 9th day & she's still having the runs. Poop wise is yellow & watery, she poops about 7-8 times (big poops would be 3 times a day). She's still very happy & cheerful, smiling as well. She doesn't seem to be in pain. We're not sure if she might suddenly be lactose intolerance or what. Anyone experience similar issues?

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My daughter is having the same symptoms too. I went to the clinics and even hospital, same meds and she's still having those symptoms. She's cheerful too. I tried to take it on my own hands and changed to soy milk / goat milk, tried both and it helps with the diarrhoea. Whenever I switched back to cows milk... She's back with the diarrhoea 🤦🏻‍♀️

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2y ago

Thank you!!!!

Try change to soy milk to lesser the diarrhea. Dont worry usually diarrhea will last for 2 weeks. Same thing happened to my 5 mo son, he looked normal and cheerful, we visited PD 2 times, no result. PD asked us change to soymilk to lesser the diarrhea and monitor. Exactly 2 weeks and suddenly no more diarrhea

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2y ago

U can continue with BM. Nothing wrong with that. Just monitor for 2 weeks. Usually it will stop itself.