wakes and cries hourly in the night

My 2mth old LO had been having a rough night's sleep for the last 2 days. She wakes every hourly in the wee hours, cries badly and it has been challenging to soothe or calm her down. We have tried changing or fresh diapers for her, removing and re-swaddling her, coaxing and assuring her verbally and with physical touches but nothing works. She was also not crying due to hunger (if on EBM, she pushes the bottle teat out and doesnt finish the milk). Husband thinks it might be teething as she keeps rubbing her face/mouth against our shoulders or necks when we carry her (swaddled) upright. Any thoughts on what she could possibly be having or going through? Any parents who went through similar phase (i hope it is a passing phase!) and can share what you did to help LO calm down and sleep better?

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Might be leap or colic. If its leap then its normal. Just keep comforting baby. If colic Maybe u can try applying some oil on baby's tummy before bed and during every diaper change. Do some massage on baby's leg too. Some use telon oil , some ppl use ruyi. I use telon oil cos ruyi too hot for my baby. Or alternative u can try give gripe water. When my baby was 2m i only gave 2.5ml (even though description put 5ml)

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She could be going through a leap. You can download Wonder Weeks app for more info about leaps. To help her sleep better, try to keep a consistent schedule, keep the room cool and try to switch on white noise

Colic? Diaper? Too warm or too hot? Too bright or too dark? Try hug baby close to your heart when she cry, our baby also like this when she was younger.

Update: LO was cranky and fussing alot as per my post for those 2 nights and things are back to normal now. It could be leap, thanks for the idea!

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Most likely colic or gassy stomach. It's very common in newborn as their stomach is still not mature

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Colic or reflux. Is it after feeding? Did Lo try to kick backwards

Colic ? Try some grip water


Might be leap or colic