Leak, due to sleeping position.

My 2 year old boy is using Merries Diapers, and I have to wake up every 3-4 hours in the night to change his diapers. The leak is usually the front part, because of his sleep position. He likes to sleep on his tummy... I try to change his sleeping position, but within a minute, he turn again.... Any advice for me?

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May be u have to change the diaper size n also better to wear it properly as I wear my boys diapers n hvnt kept his penis properly it leaks due to its in upside direction n while wearing it put down n centre then it didn’t leak out

Is the diaper too big for him ? My LO use Merries too , but it does not leak . He sleeps on his tummy too . I think u have to check on his weight and size of the diaper

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Change diapers! My Daughter is 2 and she uses MamyPoko. No problems with leakage

Could the size of diaper be too small to hold the pee?

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I'm using goon diapers and so far so good for my LO :)

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I think you got to change the size of the diapers.

My bil & sil recommend Peek a poo

Try another size and brand

I use Drypers and it helps

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Tried out other diapers