Baby not sleeping through the night

Hi my 1yr 3 month baby is still not sleeping through the night. He usually sleeps around 8plus, wakes up once between 10pm -12am (this one usually very quickly he will Sleep again) and usually wake up once more between 2-4am which usually will take about an hour to put him back to sleep. Then he will be fully awake around 6-7am plus. During the day usually he naps twice around half to an hour plus each time. Should I be concern he’s not sleeping throughout at night cos I notice his light eye bags and worries about his sleep affecting his growth. Anyone has similar experience?

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Its just a phase.. they will adjust to a longer sleeping pattern as they grow and develop more , one year old naps @10pm wakes up @ 12am ..then will sleep @ 3am then straight through the night ... he also never misses his daytime naps @ 5pm till 7pm ..just dont worry too patient with your growing little one ❤️

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