Stomach tightening below chest

17 June, time of post; 5:30pm. Has anyone experienced extreme stomach tightening and vomiting right below your chest till you can hardly breathe? I just had a stomach tightening attack that lasted almost an hour (started at 4pm) and it felt like I was going to die if that’s what death feels like. It was so bad, so so bad that my back started to ache. The feeling is like you’ve just had a big meal and then you go for a marathon immediately. That sick, tightening, out-of-breath feeling. I couldn’t breathe normally, my chest and right below my chest felt so tight and painful. At first I was curled up on my bed trying to tahan the pain but then it got worse and I could barely stood up straight let alone walk, so I was bending over and literally crouching up to my mother’s room and told her my stomach hurts and right immediately I threw up my lunch in her toilet. I had to kneel in front of the toilet bowl as I didn’t want to further clog up the sink. Was so close to calling the ambulance because the pain was accompanied with a panic attack as I couldn’t breathe properly and terrified for my 22 week old baby girl. After much coaxing and rubbing my tummy, the pain gradually disappeared. I don’t know what it was. Has anyone ever encountered this before? Doesn’t seem like Braxton Hicks as it was for a good 45 minutes long. Still monitoring now.

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Super Mum

That sounds like what a contraction during labour feels like. I suggest that if it happens again, or if you have any symptoms like bleeding, please go to the hospital okay?

I'll be more concern if tat happen to me..please consult your gynae