Bad cramping during pregnancy

I’m 11 weeks pregnant right now and last night I had extremely bad cramps until I was cold sweating and almost felt like puking or fainting because it was so painful. In the end I diarrhoea and the pain went away after awhile. Is this normal? Isit just a bad stomach pain? Currently it doesn’t hurt anymore but it hurt so bad last night that I’m worried 😅

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cramping is not normal in early pregnancy unless you are near edd, which could be false contractions/braxton hicks. better to go KKH Urgent care clinic to check... diarrhoea could be due to the cramping, loosening up your bowels. but the cramping definitely better to get checked, at least go get ultrasound scan to see if baby is ok inside

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Best to go and have a check @ A&E mama! They can check your amniotic fluids as well since you had diarrhoea. at least you can hear little one's heartbeat to give you a peace of mind. Take care!

Yups i remember when i was pregnant this was my problem and i remember having teribble cramp/stomachache was sitting on the toilet shivering and almost fainted