11 wks pp. Infection/Tearing/Period? Me & hub had sex yesterday and tdy i started having bright red bleeding which looks like period. I dont have any symptoms of period currently. We had sex 1 time at around 7wks pp & i got the same bleeding the next day. It lasted about a week and stopped. Which one could it be? (i had stitches after birth)

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. Yup... after sex you can bleed a lil bit. If its a lot (enough to fill a pad) and bright red then worry otherwise you are good. you can continue to keep having sex. Do let your doctor know in your next visit though

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but the bleeding is similar to period. first few days are heavy and than will lessen. so its normal after birth? when will this heal?

you should see your ob because the bleeding makes me worry,.me and my Hubby had sex one time when I'm ABOUT 11 weeks but we do it more extra careful so far no bleeding or spot happened

I have sex with my hubby 2 times. Once around 7 week once around 11 week. First time have a little blood stain. Second time don’t have any blood stain.

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Better to consult gynae. Take note if there’s any pain or so, but safer to consult

go to your ob gyne as soon as possible

better have it check by your OB.

I would check w doctor