Bleeding at 4.5 weeks post partum

Hi mummies, I stopped bleeding around 3.5-4 weeks pp but now it’s back again at 4.5 weeks. It’s bright red very similar to menses type of bleeding. I am exclusively pumping BM for my LO since day 1. Is it possible I’m experiencing my first period pp? It’s too soon!?

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Mi too have red! But its been abit too many weeks for mine and it comes and go! But i dont exclusively pump (i dun pump on schedule, pump when time permits). So im kinda confuse isit my menses or bleeding! Coz it doesnt increase over the days too like menses

2mo ago

Ya i am already more than 2 mths already. Comes and go! So i am confused.. i have an apptment wif my gynae this sat but i hope i can rmb to ask 😅

Lochia bleeding usually comes and goes, some until 6-8 weeks so it's still highly possible that the bleeding is your lochia not your period.

Super Mum

Hey Mama, it’s quite possible you’re having your first period. Best to consult your gynae regarding your concerns.

2mo ago

Thanks Lena. My appointment with the gynae is not for another 3 weeks so I’ll drop her a line in the interim.