My 1 year old started eating solids since 6 months old and he enjoyed it, but he is still teething and has sore and red gums, and he recently doesn't want to eat any solid food. He does drink his milk. Will he be getting enough nutrients from milk alone? Should I wait till his gums get better before I give him solids again?

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Hi before one year old solids is not a replacement for milk and hence it is ok if they occasionally don't eat solids. However after one year old solids should start to be the staple food for them gradually. If he is having sore gums, you may wanna give him some comfort food like ABC soup or something softer or cooling like yoghurt? At least he still takes in some nutrients from solids. But if he really doesn't want to eat solids I think it is ok to skip for a few days rather than make him scared of eating.

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6y ago

Spot on. I feel that he's scared, or totally not interested in eating. Thanks for the info. I'll have to make him interested in eating again. He's 13 months old by the way.

You can try to feed softer food like puree, porridge or soup instead. On top of that, ensure the food is not too hot so that it doesn't aggravate the pain. Giving something chilled or cold will also help soothe their painful gums. If alls fail, you can try baby teething gel like dentinox, it will help numb their gums, and you can quickly feed them before it starts to hurt again.

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Totally fine. Food is needed yes, but when we are sick ourselves we have no apetite which is similar for babies. Also as long as he is drinking and hydrated there is no need to worry about it.