My #1 is 21 months now and has not started talking. Still uses baby language like mum-mum (eat), though she's able to call papa, name out some animals but many elders are telling me that she's should start to talk by this age. Any idea how do I get her to express herself the correct way? I tried letting her watch videos on YouTube but doesn't help.

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For both my children, my hub and I do not baby talk to them. It is important for their speech development. Encourage and affirm her to express himself and talk when she does. It is often seen that gals are able to speak well and better than the boys. But I dont see an issue as she is able to talk and name some objects. I will be concerned if she doesn't talk at all. If u are concerned, u can go to polyclinic and get the doctor to write a letter of referral to KKH speech therapist for further checks. However, I do have a friend whose boy speaks only at 3 yo and that is very late already. All child is different, early detection is good.

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Children develop at their own pace. Elderly relatives tend to compare babies or with you as a child. Although I respect and value their opinions, somehow, they just give me stress :-) It's good that your lo is able to say some words, which goes to show that she's developing well. But feel speech may not be expected until 3 years of age. Some may be younger than that and same may be older, specially if you are a multilingual family. You can encourage your lo to talk more by talking to her more. Engaging her in conversations and read to her stories and be interactive during the story telling. Hope this helps.

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Hey mummy, communication is vital no matter how young the child is. By us talking, expressing and explaining. It encourages our child on the long term to be more vocal. Do not worry about old folks tales. Here is a link which maybe helpful to you. Have fun talking with your LO. Take care!

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Same my l.o. is 1yr.9mos. pero hindi masyado nagsasalita, pero he knows the alphabets, numbers and some shapes/color. May mga nasasabi na siya pero hindi siya yung type na nakikipag converse. And he sings nursery rhyme. But I already make myself clear na magkaiba sila ni eldest kasi si eldest advance kasi si eldest 18mos. Malinaw na magsalita iba iba po talaga development ng kids.

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I feel u should do a lot of talking with her. Speak to her like an adult and not use baby language anymore. Some kids speak at a later time. Don't worry at it. If u r really concern, voice this out when you need to do the development assessment to the doctor to get a 2nd opinion.

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You have to be more patient mom, some of the baby have different development, if he/she can say mama, papa or eat, it is a sign he/she can talk normally, maybe you have to teach him/her a lot how to communicate directly.My #2 baby also can speak fluently after over 30 months :)

Sounds like your child alrdy has started saying her first words. That's perfectly normal. Children are only expected to combine 2 words by aged 2 so don't worry about that. Avoid YouTube as it doesn't help their language development. Talk to her more and don't worry too much!

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Don't worry mummy, every kid learn and develop at their own pace. talk to her more and ask questions to engage her. Less baby talk and tv time. Once they start speaking in sentences they will pick up very fast.. 💪

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My daughter started saying papa and mama correctly at almost 2yo. She started takking much later than others. But now she’s 3 and saying more complex sentences than even some adults . Haha. Don’t worry yet