Acrylic, gel or just regular mani -- what to choose when you want something that lasts. Spending some 'me time' tonight. Please suggest and approx cost too! TIA! :)

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Definitely gel mani as regular will last for at most more than a week and it makes your nails turn yellow. While gel mani can last more than 4 weeks if it’s done properly and it won’t chip or smudge immediately, as it uses UV light to “dry” it

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Gel Mani. It's lasting. try to go for gradient nail art. This way when your nail grows longer, you won't see a difference too!

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Gel.. my gel lasted me two months. 😅 I still do my house chores and all as normal.

I'll go for gel. I heard that Acrylic nail art can damage your nails.

Don't worry about cost it's totally free for tonight just contact

Ando muito cansada e sonolenta e dói me imenso as costas

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I heard gel manicure lasts long n good for healthy nails

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i go for gel too! haha. gel is not so expensive nowadays

Estou na última semana e ando muito cansada e nervosa

Gel or regular mani. Acrylic mani v hard to maintain