is it safe?

Is it okay to get a prenatal massage when you are very close to your due date?

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Better to seek professional advice from your gyane first, before going ahead to do so

Recommended! Go ahead! It's actually better to get a massage before you give birth!

Tried a few pre natal massage they are so soft and gentle that i dont feel anything after the session 🀣

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Should be alright, but i think check with gynae better

Yes it is ok , but get a professional for it!

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There are professional pre-natal massages that help with this.

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Ya ok. Do get professional that does prenatal massages

Kau plan nk buat prenatal massage? Aku ada makcik aku expert in this field..they cn come ur house also.. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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Aku da buat skali dgn hijamatemasek. So planning nk lagi bfore 2-3wks b4 delivery

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