Itchy spots on body

I'm 14 weeks now and I had developed alot of - not so sure what to call it, spots? hives? rashes? - developing on my body, esp my upper thighs, back, chest, and both my arms. It was really itchy when it developed like 2-3 weeks ago. Although its less itchy now, there are lots of it still on my body. Should I be worried? Any of you faced/are facing this? What did you do about it?
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Hi there, I would suggest that you should consult your gynae as soon as things get worst.
Hi.. yup definitely will. thanks.
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You should ask the doctor about this. I get acne/pimples (and I’m 16 weeks). And also a rash developed on the back of my neck without me knowing, started bleeding and now scabbing over.
ouch... did you go to te doc and asked? i hv an appt soon so i will check abt this then.
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Hi... I would suggest that you visit your gynecologist to get treatment and medications
Hi.. yup will be visiting them soon to ask too.. so in the meantime just asking here. thank you tho!