Delayed teeth development

My boy has just turned 16 months and he is still toothless. I can see what looks like teeth withthin his gums, been waiting and waiting, but it has not come out. Any mummies experienced delayed teeth development in your kids? Any good kids dental clinic/dentist to recommend?

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Hi momsh , hindi pa naman yan delayed.. depende kasi sa baby yan, ung pamangkin ko at 6 months may tumubo na kaunti sa ngipin niya.. pero ung LO ko 7 months ngaun wala parin tumutubo pero may mga signs na .. 😊 wait mo lang momsh

My daughter only have few teeth at 2 years old. After that the teeth starting developing more faster. Sometimes it just gets delayed a little. don't worry :)

7mo ago

thank you for the reassurance.

Super Mum

Maybe you can try giving calcium supplement and see if that helps? There's syrup form available for children over 1 year old

7mo ago

thanks for the suggestion tho i am not keen on supplements for him. he is currently taking full cream milk and have yogurt and cheese on somedays. so just concerned that he is still toothless till now.

my girls erupt tooth about 18months if I can rem but that is 3-4 teeth at one go ..

7mo ago

thank you for sharing.