Saw some pregnant mums sharing that their bodies have produced colostrum and they are using syringes to draw the milk out. Why does this happen? I thought breastmilk only comes after bb is delivered? Any method to get colostrum to come earlier? Worried about not having enough supply, or that milk comes late....... :(

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Great questions. What these women are doing are called antenatal expression. Basically colostrum is a fluid which is produced by the breast from about the twentieth week of pregnancy and during th
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I wouldn't intefere with the body's natural evolution. Colostrum is very high in carbohydrates, protein and antibodies and low in fat allowing it to be digested by newborns easily. It has everything a
Hi yes, some mummies start producing colostrum even before giving birth. But do be careful if you wanna extract colostrum this way as it may trigger labour.