Anyone bought long sleeved PJs for confinement? I'm looking for a few nice ones which i would not mind wearing (no hello kitty or strange prints, please!) and wonder where to get them? Hopefully with comfortable breathable material that won't make me perspire like a pig too...

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I bought a pyjama set for my best friend from Marks & Spencer and she used it during confinement. I also bought another set for her from Primark in London and they were soooo cheap (5pounds for top an
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I bought my pyjamas from Mothercare - nursing friendly as they have buttoned down top to facilitate breastfeeding. I also bought some simple pyjamas from pasar malam. You can also check the market
Cotton on body too. I find the pjs really comfortable for such humid weather in Singapore.
Cotton body! Material is thin and comfy and the designs are not cheapo. Buy them during the sale and remember to get a size smaller as the materials tend to expand after several washes.
I bought mine from Qoo10, cheap and comfortable.