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Diaper rash
My Son is developing diaper rash. What are the recommended diaper rash creams?
I’m selling a playpen.
Anyone interested pls let me know! 😊
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How much and pick up from where? Do you have a photo?
What type of night/day time lotion is preferred mummies?
I’m using Himalaya Body Lotion, and it is very effective and sweet-smelling. Should I continue the same lotion or try for a new one? If it’s for a new one, what brand is highly recommended?
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aveeno is not bad!
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How about trying GOAT brand lotion? Been using it, it’s organic. Or don’t change since Himalaya is serving you well :)
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been using cetaphil since birth
himalaya lotion is good!
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Continue to use your existing lotion since it’s serving you well.
I’m thinking of opening a savings account for my LO. What is your personal preference & what do you guys recommend?
Posb kids saving account :)
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Hi... I opened my LO CDA account with POSB
If you have an existing POSB account, it's easy to use their Smiley Child Development Account (CDA).
POSB. easier to manage since it's also link to my account
Posb n OCBC offer savings accounts for kids.
What do you guys(mummies) do for postpartum hair loss? I’m loosing so much hair! 😣😣
Eat a diet rich in foods that boost hair growth. Like eggs, sweet potatoes, blueberries, sunflower seeds, fish, walnuts, beans, asparagus, and spinach. These partciular foods contain all the vitamins
Oil your hair. You can try olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil. It deep conditions it, stops damage and makes hair shiny.
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I used Phyto as well. Also, I kept my hair short so it's easy to maintain
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Start using biotin capsules .. it may help u ..
Try using organic shampoo. Gugo shampoo (from a tree bark) from the Philippines has helped me minimise hair loss.
What kind of slimming tea would you mummies recommend??
I’m looking for a slimming green tea, pls recommend me some!
oolong green tea
Green tea is the best
i tried all kinds of slimming methods it doesn't work. exercise and eat correctly will works!
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green tea .
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The best way to slim down is to exercise. Some slimming tea has side effects but most OTC slimming tea in SG is safe. Please check the ingredients before you buy if you have any allergies
how much milk?
How much milk do you'll feed your baby who is 2 months & a half?
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Hi... it ranges between 80 to 110ml every 3/4 hours
Around 120ml every 2-3hours.
I fed my son 80ml per 2hours
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My LO ranging 70-90mls every 3-4hrs
My LO takes about 80-100ml.
just mums.
Im 1.5 month postpartum. What kind of exercises is advisable/recommended?
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I'd say to check with your gynae before starting anything, especially to check whether you have diastasis recti (separation of stomach muscles) - because if you do, some exercises may worsen it!
It was a vaginal birth.
Was it a vaginal birth or a c section?
Hello guys.
Im new here. Hoping to learn more from all of y'all. (: Good day!
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good day! welcome here :)
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Welcome to the community!