Mekayyla Selvam, Singapore

D’wife & a proud mama of 1 babymuffin .

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I’m selling a playpen.

Anyone interested pls let me know! 😊
How much and pick up from where? Do you have a photo?

What type of night/day time lotion is preferred mummies?

I’m using Himalaya Body Lotion, and it is very effective and sweet-smelling. Should I continue the same lotion or try for a new one? If it’s for a new one, what brand is highly recommended?
How about trying GOAT brand lotion? Been using it, it’s organic. Or don’t change since Himalaya is serving you well :)


I’m thinking of opening a savings account for my LO. What is your personal preference & what do you guys recommend?
Posb. Transfer $ between accounts is easier


What do you guys(mummies) do for postpartum hair loss? I’m loosing so much hair! 😣😣
I bought shampoo and conditioner from Sugardoll from IG. It helps me alot. But i hate the new hair growing 😂😂😂

What kind of slimming tea would you mummies recommend??

I’m looking for a slimming green tea, pls recommend me some!
Go for green tea .. the best detoxification

how much milk?

How much milk do you'll feed your baby who is 2 months & a half?
Around 60 to 80ml .. every 2 hrs need to feed

just mums.

Im 1.5 month postpartum. What kind of exercises is advisable/recommended?
I'd say to check with your gynae before starting anything, especially to check whether you have diastasis recti (separation of stomach muscles) - because if you do, some exercises may worsen it!

Hello guys.

Im new here. Hoping to learn more from all of y'all. (: Good day!
good day! welcome here :)