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Week 17 Baby kicks
Hi....... My bby kicked alot on Friday and the kicks was so firm we could see the movement on my tummy. Saturday and Sunday bby was not kicking as much and the kicks was very soft. Is this worrysome?
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It’s normal. Some days you will feel baby kick is strong, some days not. As Long you feel have movements is fine.
Totally no movement? Is better to do a check up if u r worry
15weeks and 6days
Good morning All. Please help, I am struggling with terrible back pain. Mainly on my upper right hand side.
I experienced the same thing.what i did is do the simple exercise.. U cn check out at youtube for the 1st trimester exercise. O Do the simple one..such as sit and stretching right and left. And etc U
Hi.. I would suggest trying a shiatsu massager and its amazing... Also try some pilates and some stretching Exercises.. You can also try sleeping on your side for better blood circulation. Hope it