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Few things we learned from our Pedia visit yesterday: ? Babies until 2 years must have no access to any gadgets including televisions. Screen time even with nursery rhymes will do no good as it may only delay your LO's speech development, motor skills and may damage their eyes. What's best for them? Auditory and repetitive nursery rhymes ONLY. By the way, books/ bedtime stories will also help. It is an alternative to videos being played on your TV's, maybe will do a lot better. ? kids 2 to 6 years old are advised to watch TV 1 hour a day, scheduled. Cartoons, informative shows alone. No to drama's and all else. ?kids 7 to 12 years old must be given access to all electronice devices with specific time for research or information purposes alone. ? Paracetamol shall be given only to babies/toddlers with fever higher than 38°.Fever with 37.9° and below must be given lots of fluids instead. If persistent, please have your LO's checked, uso po dengue ngaun. ? Disudrin or any meds intended for colds are advised to be given once a day; before bedtime. Not necessarilly every 4 or 6 hours as what is written on its label. ?‍♀️ ?Vitamins or any food suppliments aren't much needed unless for those who are medically advised with defeciency. Give them fruits and veggies. As much as possible, please avoid any proccessed foods including those burgers and fries. ? ? No softdrinks or any colored juice (unless fresh, pure fruit juice) for kids 5 years and below. ?Malunggay from your backyard, is a wonder gulay (Well, this is known noon pa) and the best natural suppliment you can give to your LO's. Kahit sabaw lang, it contains a lot of vitamins. ?Forget the use of cotton buds. ? You may use it cleaning the outer part of your LO's ear, but never ever use it on cleaning his/her ear canal. This may cause the earwax to get in the inner part of the ear and may cause hearing problems in the later years. Ear wax shall fall off naturally. ?STOP SMOKING. Babies and kids are considered thirdhand smokers when exposed to someone who smokes. Chemical toxins from cigarettes are left anywhere (shirt, skin, hand) from the person who smokes. Kahit na lumayo ang tao bago manigarilyo, chemicals are still left all over his or her body. Number one cause of bronchitis to toddlers and infants is third hand smoking. GUSTO MO PA DIN MANIGARILYO? TAKE A BATH. BRUSH YOUR TEETH, GARGLE before holding your baby. ❤ As parents, I know we only want all the best for our kids, and I felt the need to share this to every Mommies as this is needed to spread awarenes. I know these are only few sa mga dpat natin malaman but I know this will already help us Parents. Super galing ni Doc Imperio, he never got tired of explaining. Super bilib of all the pedias we encountered. ?

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