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How much would you pay your helper who will be looking after 2 children - 1 toddler and 1 newborn?

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I think it depends. I know friends who have brought in maids from their hometown. Usually they pay lesser than those who take transfer helpers from agency. Those direct maids are paid about $500-600 with 2 monthly offs. those transfer maids ask for higher about $650-800 with 4 monthly offs. They are more familiar with Singapore laws and hence are more demanding. While those direct helpers are more timid. But since there is agency involved, if any issue with the maids, we can go to agency for help. So there's pros and cons for both

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2y ago

So aiming to bully the timid ones and breach the law? 😂

U shld get jailed for overworking the maid. Isnt it supposed to be a babysitter's job?!

2y ago

So u r saying she isnt registered as a maid in SG? LOL u can label her however u want but according to MOM if she is hired as a maid then it is 🙄