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Can I be a super mom and have a career? Nevermind being a super mom - can I actually be a good nurturer to my children and at the same time build a career for myself? Sher-Li says 'Yes' you can! Sher-Li is a career coach by training; trained in various personality profiling tools, she has more than six years of career coaching experience. She is passionate on promoting work-family balance amongst women in Singapore. In this capacity, she founded Mums@Work (Singapore), a social enterprise that strives to help women find the perfect balance between being a mum and working. The aim of Mums@Work is to raise awareness on the flexible work solutions available for mothers, as well as to provide a portal for Mumpreneurs to list their services and to provide guidance on setting up and running a business as a mumpreneur. Tune in at 8:30pm on the 11th of August 2016 on ParentTown TV to hear her entrepreneurial journey!
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