Hi, yesterday my son had a high fever and he is recover but whole day he is having diarrhea but feeding was okay.. during midnight he diarrhea and soil his bed and I try feeding.him milk he was drinking but he after drinking half way he committed out . After that he diarrhea again and something like a bean kind of poop. I look closely it not poop and he did not eat any of that kind of food. Any mummies encounter this?

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Hi~my girl has roseola and after diaherra. Usually their immune system is lower after fighting a fever thus easier for them to contact other illness. For diaherra try to feed them more water to prevent dehydration. Give medication and after changing diapers just wash hands clean to prevent spreading of bacteria esp if u have another kid at home. Have to monitor sometimes after diaherra constipation will kick in.

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It seems like a stomach flu viral. How is he now? If he doesnt want to drink milk it's ok. Give him other type of fluids to keep him hydrated.

Please keep him hydrated. Givesmall amount of liquid periodically.

I'll take him to the doctors.