Diarrhea and change formula

Hi. My lo 11months had an episode of diarrhea last 2 weeks. I switch to isomil and he recover for few days. I slowly switch to formula but it started again like he poop 4x in a day yellow watery poop. Then i immediately switch back to isomil and seems the diarrhea stop. Just soy milk havent started back with formula till today. But hes poop is green colour instead of yellow watery poop. Is that normal? Any mummies had experienced the same too?

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Hi! My LO also 11months old and have been diahhoreaing alot in a day. close to 5-6x per day. I was told by her infant care cher to change to soy milk instead. I tried , and i not sure if it's diahhorea or what. But is that normal? I also switch to isomil as of now . May I ask aft u switch to isomil, during that few days, does he diahhorea on the first few feed of isomil?

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1y ago

Hi.. Nope after change to isomil the diarrhea stop

My 10-months babygirl had a few episodes of diarrhoea before too. PD gave diarrhoea meds and probiotics. Also advised to change to lactose free or soy based FM. We’ve tried Isomil but she rejected. Thankfully she’s ok with Enfamil Lactose-free. We haven’t changed back to her previous FM since then.

I thought the recommended guideline is to start after baby turn 1 and slowly transits to cows milk? This is the website that I refer to. Perhaps it may helps you. https://www.healthhub.sg/live-healthy/1959/Early-Nutrition-Baby-Switching-Cows-Milk

1y ago

Hi.. I mean its formula milk 😬

Maybe not giving cow milk now