Yesterday night… I fall and I miscarriage. I did not think this was going to happened to me I thought that I will be a great teen mom but I miscarriage

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Hi Chole! I'm very sorry fr your loss dear. I'm in the same boat as you I lost my baby on 03/10. It's difficult and I'm finding ways to Cope. Always look on the brighter side. things will get better and there's always another chance. don't be harsh on yourself because no one would purposely want to mc. Be strong and have faith dear. god bless. warm big hugs to you.

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3mo ago

Thank u so much ❤️

Sorry to hear that. Pls give yourself some time to process your emotions and just let it out. There is a time to grieve, there is a time to pick yourself up and give pregnancy a go again. You’re young and have many years ahead of you. 💕 sending you love.

3mo ago


I’m so sorry Chloe. My heart breaks with you. There’s nothing that will be enough from us but the mamas here are sending you a virtual hug, a million virtual hugs.

3mo ago

❤️ thank u so much someday god will give me a baby at a right time ☺️

im so sorry to hear that. you are, and will be a good mom! take time to grieve and let it all out. dont forget to take good care of yourself ok? hugs to you

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sorry to hear what happened Chloe. sending you lots of love. have a good recovery ok? baby will come back find you one :)

3mo ago

Thank u so much ❤️

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I’m so sorry that happened to you Chloe. Hang in there. It will be ok..

3mo ago

I’m sure someday god will give me another baby ❤️