Miscarriage bleeding hv not stopped.

How long does a miscarriage bleeding lasts. My normal period usually lasts, the longest is 6 days. Got miscarriaged when i was 5weeks 5days. I did not go to clinic because i wanna self heal and a few days later, i am tested covid positive. So i hv to stay home. At first my period started to stop, like normal it will be from brown stains/ spotting, and then stop. But not this time. The stain continues till now, day 12 of miscarriage. Its not much but every toilet trip, there will be that brown stain. But jz now, it was pinkish orange. Is that ok? I cnt go clinic. Anyone experienced this?

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pls have it check.. doc will see if theres any remainings in your womb.. i had miscarriage at 5 weeks, bleeding last a week. mine was clean miscarriage, doesnt need any washing

For my case, i was bleeding for 2 weeks when i had a miscarriaged. But doctor did mention i will bleed for 3 weeks.

Maybe you can see online doc