Hi,i recently had a miscarriage. I had a bleeding that last for a week or so. Then it stops and start after 2 days again. Is this normal? Is that bleeding considered miscarriage bleeding or menstruation bleeding? I also do not need to go for D&C as everything was cleared during my miscarriage

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hi may i know is the surgical journey painful?as i was 9weeks along but unfortunately there's no heartbeat.so now i opt for surgical.im so worried and also scared if the surgical is a painful 1..any advice thnks


Best is to quickly check with your doctor to Ensure you are properly taken cared of

Hi. May I know have you check with the doc? Am somehow going thru the same thing.

4y ago

Hi, im so sorry you have to go through the miscarriage. I did went to see my gynae, he said that its normal for my case. And ask to monitor the severity of the flow. If it got worst, to come and check again.

Pls see your gynae asap for a professional opinion.

Hw far along are you?