Baby oral wipes?

Is it worth getting baby oral wipes? ie like the ones from Nuk. Or is it just a waste of money and we can we just use a damp towel to clean baby’s mouth / tongue.

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Yes, it’s worth it. It’s more hygienic especially during these times. Nuk oral wipes are good because it doesn’t have any chemicals, preservatives and contains only purified water. If not, don’t use a damp towel. Use sterile gauze and boiled water to avoid introducing bacteria into baby’s mouth.

Honestly, use baby wipe. Using cloth ,the cotton and material maybe rough. Might scrape off baby cell membrane as well as baby skin cell as they're weaker in term in cimoaring to us adults

Super Mum

I’ve never bought oral wipes. Just used baby wipes that have safe ingredients and are fragrance free. For wiping gums/teeth, the paediatric dentist recommended using a clean damp towel.

Yup i used the nuk oral wipes on my boy to clean his tongue and gums. I am assured of the cleanliness and safety.

We just use a damp towel to clean..Not too keen to expose baby to unnecessary chemicals at this age..

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I think majority mummy use wash cloth or hankie. But have to use cool boiled water to clean LO mouth.

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Don't think oral wipes are necessary... Better to get normal wet wipes

Better to get damp clean cotton cloth to clean baby's mouth

Actually you can use sterile gauze and cool boiled water.

I use dry cotton wipes with boiled water to clean.