Working mothers who send your LO to infant care , what is your typical day like ? Before sending LO to infant care And after fetching LO from infant care? I'll be sending my LO to infant care soon and I'm a working mother.. Quite worried about the juggling between work and taking care of my 7 months old and worry about separation anxiety and how I'll cope with baby before and after sending to infant care

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Don't worry. You must 1st prepare your baby by sharing with him that it's not that you don't wish to take care of him but had to work ao no choice but to put him at ifc. They may be very very young but they will understand you. Usually 1st 3 days are half days in ifc and you can also take this opportunity to take more and communicate with your baby. Morning will be the busier usually. If you are breastfeeding, do remember to thaw ye milk rhe night before so as to ensure he has milk to drink if you aren't latching him in the morning. Prepare the things lile his bags the night before so that you won't be like a mad woman in the morning.

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