Just wonderingas I didn't give my lo pacifier since birth, he's 3 months+ now and I notice that he starts to sucks his fingers nowadays. Should I let him use pacifier instead?

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Super Mum

Sucking fingers is completely normal at this age because he’s discovering that he has fingers:) And it’s also comforting, especially as the process of teething begins. There’s no need to convert to a pacifier if you don’t want to. The finger sucking will go away later on when you introduce new things like teether toys. Remember that EVERYTHING goes in the mouth from as early as 4 months 😅 If your son never needed a pacifier to be pacified, then maybe he really doesn’t ever need it. The oral phase of learning usually carries on till about 18 months. While we spend a lot of time frantically taking stuff away from our LOs before they put them in the mouth, it helps the kid to learn how to eat and be willing to try new food.. heh

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