6 months old suddenly reject pacifier

Anyone’s 6 months old suddenly reject pacifier? He’s been using the same type of pacifier since birth and he loved it. But suddenly he hates it. He kept rejecting. Either he will lock his lips or spit out the pacifier. Its so hard to soothe him now. Please dont tell me its good that he dont want pacifier, its easier to wean off. Nope, doesnt make things better by ssying that. I rather wean him off at a later stage, than to deal with a crying baby. Sometimes one of his ways to self soothe is to suck and pull his burp cloth.

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my baby had this phase when she turned 4 months! she prefers sucking her thumb or her handkerchief instead. tried giving her aft a month and she accepted it again. try in a month's time! comments saying teething - my baby started growing her teeth when she turned 11 months tho so i'm not sure. as long as baby is able to self-soothe/find his own way to self-soothe, let him be.

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It could be teething! My lo was like this too when she was teething. Only want pacifier when we freeze it. You can put in freezer so it’s cold. It’s soothing to the gums :)

Mine rejected pacifier more at 4 months.. no advice but I bought this silicon teether thing from cubble that my baby can hold and suck on one part of it like a pacifier

Seems like teething.Maybe u use a clean cloth tie into a knot,place in a ziplock bag and freeze it.Give it to him when he starts to fuss.

I think teething! My boy sometime reject too! Don't worry, should be fine! Get teether for him! :)

Could it because he is teething and his gum feels discomfort?