Travelling 1st tri?

hi just wondering if anyone has travelled during their first tri and whether its considered very risky to do so? we booked a trip to Japan long ago and by that time ill be around 10-11 weeks only :/

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Same thing happened to me. Booked a Jap trip and suppose to fly on week 10-11. Honestly my gynae told me I can just go and take it easy. But we planned to go a few cities, Disneyland, Universal studio and lots of sashimi 😭 so to me it wasn’t worth going to Japan since I wanted to go there to take roller coaster and eat raw food. I also had bleeding around week 8 and felt like s*** ie nausea and always tired. I don’t want to over exhaust myself as that will trigger discharge. I felt awesome during my second trim so I travelled around week 25 to Seoul instead

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Honestly it all depends whether u will have any morning sickness at all? cos ur comfort level is utmost important. Some ppl really don’t mind traveling in first trim with gynae’s green light but when the nausea and fatigue hits u badly, u will really feel like s*** 😅 I didn’t have any symptoms for 1st 2 pregnancy, appetite was good also. But third pregnancy I couldn’t eat much in 1st trim, even plain water was disgusting to me. All I did was just try to eat small but frequent meals and sleep all day. Let alone stepping out of the house😅

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I went to Korea the day after my first gynae check-up at week 8 lol. Before that I was feeling quite nauseous, tired and lethargic in the first few weeks but I think the cooler weather (went in autumn) in Korea did help to perk my mood up quite a bit so I felt that the trip did wonders to soothe my nausea and lethargy instead of being stuck in hot and humid SG.

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I travelled at wk12-13, so my morning sickness wasn't too bad. I think it's fine to travel, just see if you're feeling nauseous or sick. It won't be fun to travel if you have morning sickness and wk10-11 might be quite bad.

Hello! I travelled to Korea for 2 weeks when I was week 7-8! I booked quite long ago so I just go ahead with the trip 😂


i travelled b4 in my 1st tri as well as 2nd tri... relatively symptom free... only decided against 3rd tri

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Actually yes, atleast 15 weeks there is a risk . So you may better to consult your gynae