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Hi, just wondering any full time working mums without helper or parents help here who cook for the family after work? FTM to be and wondering how I can manage to cook for the family after work in future. Earliest I can reach home now is 7pm.. Anyone in similar situation can advise? Thanks!

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Hi there. Im a full time working mother with no helper or parents to help out. You might want to cut and prep the items to cook the night before. Usually I cook rice in the morning before i leave for work and thaw the meat in the bottom compartment of the fridge. I usually go into Masterchef mode when i get from work to ensure all the food has been cooked before i settle down. It gets a little crazy rushing thru the whole cooking process but its possible. It may seem intimidating and you may get flustered but you'll get the hang of it after awhile. You can do it, all the best! :)

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